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  • Vera Ling at
  • November 14, 2018

As we all know, currently, there are many varieties of paper bags, various paper materials and styles in the market. Today, we’ll gonna show you this bag as the pic.



Do you know what’s the size, material and finishing of the bag from the pic? I don’t think so. Let me tell you.



First of all, the size is 340*140*250 mm for this bag. Regarding the size, we need to let you know the size direction, it’s easier and make your more professional when you are requiring the information with the supplier. Normally, the open side will be as the length. The pic was attached for your reference.



Secondly, is the material. Commonly, is 250gsm or 300gsm C1S art paper will be as the bag material. But if you would like the bag looks more high-end, C2S art or other special paper for your option. And for the hand rope, there are cotton rope, PP rope ribbon and etc for your option. And any colour is available. Do you see the eyelid? Yes, that’s right, it the one we circled on the attached pic. Eyelid is alternative. Any interests of bags, pls let us know freely--Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging,. Co Ltd.


 purple bag

Thirdly, is the finishing, which will influence how the bags look. For this bag we’ll gonna talk today, is purple colour printing, hot stamped for the logo, which is more easy to catch people’s eyes.  At the same time, glossy lamination on the surface for water-proof and preventing scratch from outside.

 IMG_9567 - 副本.JPGIMG_9568 - 副本.JPGIMG_9569 - 副本.JPG


Regarding the surface finishing on the printing industry, we will update on the next blog, don’t forget to read it!