Why Is Japanese Packaging Design So Attractive?

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  • Vera Ling at
  • November 29, 2018

A few days ago I saw a box of skin care products that my friend bought from Japan. I was not attracted by the products, but was the packaging box.



Japan is one of the most packaging-conscious countries in the world, and the Japanese firmly believe that as long as the product packaging is designed to absorb enough, it will naturally increase the chances of the consumers getting their hands.



Why is Japanese design so attractive? Why is Japan's packaging design development so prosperous?



In my opinion, is combine local characteristics. The local is not equal to vulgar. The Japanese are good at turning the taste into a visible landscape, designing a series of local products according to local characteristics, changing the impression that consumers are always cheesy about local products, and expecting to arouse consumers to visit the local countryside in addition to sales. Mood.




We had a Japanese customer who made 5,000 boxes, and their market is mainly in China. Customers are very positive about our quality. At the same time, plus their own design is attractive, with local characteristics. After half a year, the customer responded that sales were good.--www.hsgiftboxfactory.com