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  • December 12, 2017

Client like Amos is really training my patience. I've never met a client as fickle as he is.

He was the client that I followed after my colleague Penny left, an American writer and have been published several books on children.This time he wanted to print a children's books about one story about his grandson and a red-haired dragon become a good friend.

Maybe because Amos is a writer, his ideas change from time to time. Every time we help him modified the content, he comes up with new ideas. It made us crazy because our time is also precious and we didn't charge him any design fee. But he always keeps coming up with new demands. As a result, the book has been delayed for two years. I was depressed and even thought about giving up this client. Due to various reasons, he finally confirmed  the final design and order. Now the prenatal sample has been sent to the client, once he confirmed, mass production will begin.


Fortunately, I persevered it and sometimes I need to be grateful to him, to exercised my patience and perseverance. I believe my service will do better and better.

HS Packaging is not onlymost cost-efficient  bespoke gift box supplier, but also children book,notebook, packaging labels manufacturer.

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