Happy Birthday To Our Staff“Henry”On 30th, Apr,2018

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  • May 04, 2018

Henry is a one of the new joiners this year.He just graduated from his college, although no social experience for him, but he can learn fast and work very hard.He’s a definitely active learner.And today, all the company staffs celebrated the birthday for him in the office.We bought a big cake with a pretty gift box for him. From the picture, it showed the happiness on his face when he was praying.

birthday cake.1png 

After that, our another employee called“Ivy”shared the working experience with us because her excellent performance on the job according to the company rule.At the same time, everyone shared their experience with each other.We benefited from the sharing session on various levels,especially for the new joiners.We all really appreciated it.


In addition, at the end of the sharing session,all of the new joiners cleaned the meeting room and arranged everything well together, including the small boxes for gifts.They placed all the gift boxes as the categories.Now it looks better than before.By living your life one day at a time,you live up all the days of your life.


And we are going to have the Labor day (1st,may,2018)tomorrow. Happy labor day to everyone!

 gift        gift2

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