Bainian Marathon

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  • Angela Yin at
  • June 08, 2017

On December 25th, the Christmas day, our company organized us to attend a mini marathon in Guangzhou City.

group photos of gift boxes suppliers 

Thousands of people come from different companies,such as Yifeng packaging, HS packaging and other printing supplier companies took part in the activity whose purpose was to release pressure for the trading sales.


  During the ready time,there were many interesting things for us to entertain.You could take photos  with many joyful molds,make some colorful drawings on your faces,play with some carton figures...... Everywhere you would hear happy laughter and cheerful voices .

gift bags

At the beginning of the marathon,we enjoyed the excited performance of Chinese beating drum which gave us an visual feast just like some amazing printing designs on the boxes in our packaging industry got most of the eye-catching.


One of the sponsors branded Bindu provided gift awards such as handle PU bags, stuffed toys and free water packed with their brown paper gift bags as well as gift boxes for the prize-winners and lucky dogs.

 printing industry

It was really a good chance for our office workers to relax ourselves and keep a good health no matter you are in printing packaging industry, e-business trading industry or clothing production industry.

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