Training For The New Hires

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 04, 2018

Do you still remember when you are new in the company? And there’s no doubt that you got training from the company. As a boss or leader, what do you wish every new hire knew? And as a employee, what do you want to know about the company?


Today, our boss spent two hours in training for the new hires. This training will be lasting one week according to the schedule.


At the beginning, our boss started the topic with a joke, and ask ed some simple questions to our new hires. Make them relax and fell comfortable, enlivened the atmosphere at the same time.


Secondly, our boss introduced the company for the new hires, including the background,and why he wanted to set up a company before. In addition, he listed some tips for the new hires about how to improve your sales skills .


Thirdly, is our mainly products. We specializing in personalized gift boxes , such as custom jewelry boxes , necklace gift box, ring box, flower box, watch box and so on.  The training he gave is about the types of the box , material and the finishing and etc. Our new hires really enjoy the training and with a happy ending for the first day.

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