We Company Got 10 Patents of Gift Packaging Issued

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  • Alice Chan at
  • December 25, 2017
Do you know patent? What are the types of patents? Patents are divided into three types: Design, Utility Model and Invention.
1. Design patent is for the appearance of industrial product design, which is usually called the "style", protection and 10 years valid;
2. Utility model patent is for industrial products, technical structure, technical characteristics of the improvement protection of 10 years as well;

3. Invention patent is for industrial products, technical structure, or production methods, processes, the number of formulations, etc. protection of 20 years, more longer,

We company applied for 10 Utility Model Patents of Gift Packaging on May, 2017 and final certificates issued On Dec.19. 2017. This is a good news to us for the coming Christmas holiday. 

ZL201720627544.X (1)ZL201720627544.X (2)ZL201720627544.X (3)

Why we company apply for patents for those unique packaging boxes?

1. To protect our innovative packaging technology and new products

2. Increase our intangible assets of enterprise to enhance strength

3. Avoid other suppliers' duplication and infringing so winning market competition & market expansion

4. Help we company apply to identify high-tech enterprise

5. Easy to get government's innovation reward and support so forming virtuous circle to innovate

6. Easy to find venture capital so preparing for company listing.

For the moment, we company has made great progress in current stage and we believe HS Packaging will have a bright future! 

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