Classic Design Jewelry Gift Box With Lid

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  • November 16, 2017

Amber is the novice in purchasing the goods from China .So there were some misunderstanding during the cooperation ,such as the artwork design in vector,the difference both the FedEx and the air transportation ....


The inquiry of the custom jewelry box had been sent on August from Alibaba,including the imaging she likes on the box and inform us the box style and specific size .


After confirmed the factors which will effect the price ,the first quotation had been sent .Maybe it was over her budget ,and then she asked for the other box style which is made of the brown paper.


After a week ,she gave me the feedback --the first quotation ,but the price is a little experience.The customers whom we worked with must know that our price is most reasonable and the products is with good quality.After knowing all the working processes of the cardboard gift box for jewelry ,she agreed .

 brown gift boxgift box for jewelry

As for the design of the colorful and complex pattern ,it must be the artwork in vector .But it doesn’t, just the picture was the client owned .Asked our designer to have a try to the printing .To our surprise ,the effect is so beautiful.


The other misunderstanding is the transportation .As the client is new ,everything would be noted more specific ,but unfortunately,it still appeared.And the explanation was shown again and again .Finally,all is clear and go ahead smoothly..  

In fact ,there will be more or less misunderstanding in the process of the cooperation,as long as we keep patience and comfortable and communicate with each other ,it is a big deal! 

jewelry gift box with lidjewelry gift box

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