Fashion Custom Hair Extention Packaging Box

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  • Joy Huang at
  • August 07, 2017

We met with each other at last the day before yesterday! Both of two girls are hugged together, very excited, very moved.

Since I met her, I have fallen in love with her enthusiasm, openness, optimism and liveliness.

 group photo

Taraca and I have known each other for nearly one year, and we usually talk about business through whatsapp.  She told me that she needed custom hair extention boxes.  After that I asked the designer to do a die cutting drawing based on the size of the box and the printed content she provided. At the same time we confirm the materials and processes, then we began to make the sample.

The sample was particularly perfect and we also received special compliments from Tacara, I showed some pictures of sample below.

 die cut moldcustom hair extension packaging boxhair packaging boxesgift box hair extension packaging

During our interview, she confirmed the order of boxes in our office, she also place another order for custom gift bags printed, thank you card, paper tags...

She is such a special nice woman so my colleagues and I all like to deal with her.

Our products are always good as the samples we sent. We can promise there will be not debasement of quality!

We aim to let customers feel that our service is the best so going further!

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