Most fashionable drawer gift box with custom logo

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  • June 13, 2017

Most fashionable drawer gift box with custom logo

Tom from Germany sent me an inquiry about the drawer gift box and shipping corrugated box in the mail on October 24th,2016.That’s my first time to contact with Tom.In his email,he made a list of the specific requirements of the box type and size.In the meantime,we have a very pleasant conversation.I know what he want soon and quote him the quotation.And he also agreed to our price and place the order with us.

  Because of the time difference, I chat with him every night.I need to confirm with him the details of the design to avoid the mistakes.I also offer a lot of advice to his design and he likes it very much.

drawer gift box (2)drawer gift box (1)

  He is very satisfied with our delivery and quality.He was very happy after he received the goods

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He also introduced his friends to come to us for more sliding gift box for jewelry packaging.And he promise that we will continue to cooperate in the near future.

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