How We Make Jewelry Packaging Box For Delightfuly Inc.

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  • April 11, 2018

This story happened between us and Delightfully Inc. can go back to the period of Chinese New Year. On Feb.18,2018, I got an email asking for quotation for 2 black custom jewelry boxes. So when we went back to work after holiday, I positively contacted Thomas, who was responsible for that jewelry box project. Our mutual correspondences had gone many times to confirm about box type, material, logo design, size and finish. To explain to him about different boxes material, I showed him pics of 2 workable options: one is normal art paper laminated with cardboard and then go with black printing & matte lamination; the other one is pure matte black paper laminated with cardboard only. I strongly suggested the second option since black paper would not be easy-scratched and looks more luxury. For his logo design in white, we finalized the layout with embossed UV for it. After one week discussion, sample order started and we paid much attention to his requirements for sizes fittness. And at the same time, we also found cooperated jewelry bag supplier to make S, L jewelry bag for him.

black custom jewelry box


For better communication, we became friends on whatsapp and wechat (wechat most popular in China). Based on our mutual trust and timely phone call or messages, we got lots of informations from Thomas about his ideal box. After the jewelry packaging box sets sample made out, we delivered to him by FedEx which costed 3 days to USA. Soon good news from him that we are the only one chosen as his company jewelry box supplier. So now we are proceeding the mass order in our factory.

 jewelry packaging box set

We are grateful for getting trust from our customer! Thomas, a gentle man, gave us high evaluation:

“I surveyed five different box manufacturers in China and got sample boxes from four of them. Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging was the one that we went with because they were superior on several fronts: 1) timeliness with correspondence via email and WeChat, 2) professionalism and attention to detail with the box specifications and design, 3) quality of the sample box created and 4) great customer and sales representative that we had the pleasure of working with (Alice Chan -- alicechan0401 @ who has very good English, was super responsive and had great attention to detail. I'd highly recommend any international companies looking for boxes to work with this manufaturer and customer/sales representative.”

 5 stars review on jewelry packaging box

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