Color Corrugated Box with Die Cut Window

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  • Angela Yin at
  • July 13, 2017

I got Abdoulaye's call on a beautiful afternoon,he said he wanted to visit our factory after one hour and took his sample box to ask for good price by face to face talk.

It is common that we always get calls from our clients in Guangzhou who are foreigners and take in trading business in China.So I made some preparation and sent a position to him.

He is from Nigeria and were looking for color corrugated boxes for his client from his own country.When we met ,I first took him visit our factory of each department and viewed some samples we made before.He was so satisfied with our box quality. Of course the price.

He chose total four colors of the flute paper ,each color 1000pcs with same sizes.See the following sample box for reference:

brown kraft paper boxcolor corrugated box

He sent the sample box to his customer for confirmation,a few days later,he told me his customer liked the box very much and let us to start the mass production at once.

We finished the goods sooner and take some pictures to him to check.He was really a serious and responsible person,in order to make everything was ok,he came to our factory and checked the quality of the finished products himself.Of course,no problem,he paid the balance at desk by cash and picked all the boxes the other day.

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