How I Developed My First Flower Box Client?

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  • Angela Yinat</li
  • June 12, 2017

  As we all know London is a romantic city in UK ."Imperial London" is an e-commerce shop which sale a variaty of beautiful flowers online. His Owner,Gurden found our factory on May 24th ,2016and send me an email of inquiry about flower hat box and gift bags.


  We discussed details of the inquiry mail by mail the first day and then added skype for further discussion. It was the beginning of the trust for both of us.

He was the first time to purchase boxes from China, so he first need to see the quality and decide to make two samples for both shapes. We did not talk about the unit price before, what he cared most was the quality itself. Or as he said he trusted me from the previous communication considering my timely response, better profession and suggestion. :-)  After we discuss all details, he confirmed the sample order without hesitation on May 27th.

  He got the samples half a month later, also received samples from other two companies. The other day, he first praised our high quality and then pointed out some places which needed to be perfected. I explained the reasons and gave him my words, he accepted totally. Following is the sample we made for him.

flower box delivery
flower hat box

  Considering both quality and price as well as the good services, he finally chose our company to be his long term business partner. On June 30th, he confirmed an order of 3000pcs flower boxes.

  During this period, I also gave him some suggestions for delivery to make him order these boxes at a lowest cost.Such as to put the small boxes into the large boxes. And we tried our best to finish the mass production in advance so as to catch his plan. I was not just stand for myself, my company, I was standing in his situation to help him and consider for him. That’s why we become best friends and even met some small problems we can fix them happily.

The boxes are shipped by sea and arrived at August 26th, He was very pleasant with our boxes and good work and commended this order like this:

order coments

These are part of boxes pictures from his website, really beautiful aren’t they?


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