What Wonder Some Nice Roses and a Good Box Can Do?

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  • Angela Yin at
  • June 13, 2017

What Wonder Some Nice Roses and a Good Box Can Do?

“what wonder some nice roses and a good box can do?”commented by my customer Andrea who presented her boss to order flower hat boxes and square boxes from our company, after receiving the boxes in Valentine’s day of 2017. And will reorder soon,she promise.


Excited, and happiness filled my heart when I read the email.


What most attracting are the pictures she sent:

flower hat boxessilver flower boxsquare flower boxesflower boxes with custom logo

The gift boxes are full of their fresh flowers which look very perfect and matching.No matter you are been touched or not,I am been touched very deeply as a lady.

I knew Andrea and got her inquiry from alibaba on 16th,October,2016.And her boss just started the flower shop and have no ideas of what colors and dimensions they need of the boxes as gifts and delivery for they did not know what would be the most popular among consumers.

After I got her thinking,I make some recommendations for her and sent a free sample box to test the quality.she liked it very much,this was her notes for the sample:


Next her boss made the final request and confirmed the large order from us which were 6000pcs flower boxes with custom logo.

During these several months,we kept in touch with each other in very good relationship. Following is her positive feedback for our first cooperation: