Matte Laminated Folding Magnetic Box

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  • Hilary at
  • January 02, 2018

Mariam Elshafie is a owner of House Babylon  Company and he want to buy a suitable gift packaging box for they products.

He send me three different shape box including folding magnetic box,drawer gift box, lip and bottom box. According to my experience, client don’t know which one is prefer for they products and then I explained the advantage and disadvantage for each shape box. He was very happy to hear the difference with different shape box and he decide to make matte laminated folding box with magnetic closure.

I quoted him based on the details he provided. I though I can not get this order when he told me the can not accept the price but I try to explain the reasons and shown the folding box we made to him. 10 days later, he give me the price he got from other supplier and ask me if our company can do the box based on that price.

I recheck the price with my boss and hope we can get the order. Finally, I explain the price and tell him if they can confirm the order within 10 days, we can accept that price.

It is a long time for me to wait the order but finally, we got that order within 10 days and promise to provide a sample to check the quality before we make the large order.

Ten days later, we finished the sample and took photos to check the printing and logo but we got a bad news that he don’t like the color for the logo and want to change other surface finishing. In fact, that is very difficult to us if we change the surface finishing because we will waste money to redo the template. Of course, I also explain the reasons with client but he can not accept and want to find another supplier to make the box for him. I was very sad to hear that but I have to let him know we also want to provide the best product for him. Finally, we changed another color for the logo and client accept that.

folding gift box

Although,we meet a lot of problem for this order but we trust each other and hope we have more business in 2018.

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