Custom Packaging Boxes For Phone Case

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  • William at
  • January 09, 2018

One day,my sales manager Bush received one calling that from India man Anwar,he said he wanted to visiting our company and he in ShenZhen at that time.At last,Bush shot this reception mission to me.

Second day,Anware came to our office by himself and he said he want to purchased 10,000pcs phone case packaging boxes so I took some boxes sample to him for his reference. And then,i also took a raw material book of special paper to him and he chose a material as box surface paper and i quoted to him,but he always bargain again and again....... After a list of twists and turns,we done a business with a agreed price successfully.

At production process,the production department done a very good job,they purchased the raw material after one week from I placed a production order since same kind special paper need time for customization. Though final raw material cost come to beyond our calculate a little, we still did not use other cheaper similar one for replacement. Because we always regard quality first than price. 

phone case packaging boxes

At last,we delivered these custom packaging boxes out. The client live in the hotel and receive the cartons.He was very happy after checking the boxes and he said “your company do very goods job and I will turn back for next order!”