Positive Feedback from Small Box Client

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  • Angela Yin at
  • January 11, 2018

Positive Feedback from Small Box Client

Last July,maybe it was hot summer for everyone,but not for my colleague Ada. Because she met her first large client,named Gabriel,who found her on our alibaba website and send a inquiry about the electronic products packaging boxes.

His idea is to make a box with inner tray to divide and protect his product.But he want to make it as smaller as it can be in order to save the shipping cost.He asked Ada’s suggestions about the small box and to see if we could give him a better idea. If it was real a good idea,he was thinking to order 10000pcs at the first time.It was really a good chance to her as a new colleague in the company.

She soon discussed the ideas with production manager who is professional in the packaging ideas to find a best solution for the customer. Finally they made this small box for the client(inner tray has two layers so products will not go into a mess):

small boxelectronic products packaging boxes

Gabriel was very satisfied and excited with this real product and made his positive comments after first order:


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