Switzerland Client Build His Jewelry Brand and Ordered A set of Jewelry Boxes from us.

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  • Angela Yin at
  • July 05, 2017

box for jewelryYou may have ever heard one saying "The Packaging Design Speaks Out Brand".

Penny's client Markus from Switzerland believes this words so deeply.After he first built his jewelry brand,he started to find best packaging suppliers online.He made a lot of research and finally found us on alibaba and sent an inquiry to Penny Wong on May 12th last year.

  They made some discussions about the factory scale,company team as well as other important issues to make sure we are the right factory who could help him with a best packaging design of his new brand.After understanding his concerns,Penny show him our sample room,factory department by videos. Markus was very appreciated her excellent job and soon decided to have a visit in our factory.

It was a sunny day that Penny met Markus,didn't respect he was a very handsome young man :),maybe for the reason they were both young,they had many topics to share about box for jewelry,bracelet,necklace,rings and earrings."It was really a nice talk with Penny and your boss!" said Markus when he was ready to leave China.

bracelat in box

  On that day, they made the deal with the prices,and box styles with insert materials and sizes. Markus promised to confirmed his first order of 2000pcs jewelry boxes from us 

and will soon sent his final artwork based on the ideas that our designer gave to him.Take a look at these final box samples of necklace bracelet in box,ring gift boxes made for him,really amazing right?

At the beginning of this year,he already made his second order from us for the success and booming business.Congratulations!

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