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  • Bush Liu at
  • July 10, 2017

It’s been a long day today. Ever since the customer from Nigeria placed this urgent order he has been chasing us from the day one. After all we took the money so we should get the job done.


We’re highly reputed gift box packaging manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. All of gift boxes packaging are hand made by our skilled workers. Before we can go to the manual process we have to send the paper to printing factory for printing. The urgent order has this temperature color changing printing which should have color changing function as we need to wipe with our finger to do so. We don’t have the facility to do the job so it must be done somewhere else other factory.


Before the printing we insist to do test printing prior to the mass production. So the manager was called to wait for us. And when we did get there it’s already in the evening. After a few test run 2 hours has passed. But finally the color is right and printing can proceed.

So we drove back to the office and ordered some food for dinner around 10:30. When I got back home it’s already over midnight. I feel exhausted right now but the sense of accomplishment is incredible. Customer’s appreciation give us the motivation to keen on doing this.


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