How To Develop Green Packaging Materials

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 24, 2018

Green is healthy and environmentally friendly. Non-toxic and harmless packaging materials are the targets pursued in the packaging industry.


Green packaging materials should pay attention to the development of green packaging auxiliary materials and composite materials.The basic for the development of packaging materials are of course very important, but green packaging as a whole must also have green packaging auxiliary material. Although the amount of auxiliary materials used is not large, it has an impact on the green performance of packaged products.


The biggest disadvantage of composite materials is that they are difficult to recycle and separate, and composite materials such as mixed into a single material will cause the recovery quality of a single material to be damaged. For example, aluminum paper and plastic composite materials are mixed into a single cardboard recycling material. , it will destroy the beating performance.


At present, to resolve the contradiction between the high-functionality and environmental performance of composite materials, the main directions are: First, develop a single high-performance material to replace composite materials. Secondly, develop green composite materials that are easy to recycle. Both are difficult to develop.


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