A Brief Discussion On printed Quality Control Of Packaging Printing Matter

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  • May 04, 2018


With the development of the commodity, it promotes the rapid expansion of packaging industry, which makes packaging printing occupy half of the printing industry. The processing quality of packaging printing has also been greatly improved. Each processing quality should be strictly controlled in the production process in order to ensure the high quality of packaging printing matter. This article focuses on control of the printing quality.


The requirements for printing quality of packaging printing matter. Firstly, is the beauty of printing. As the packaging of commodity, packaging printing matter not only plays a role of carrying and displaying basic information internal products, but also plays a important role in attracting consumers and promoting sales of goods. Whether the graphic design of packaging printing can reflect creatively the characteristics of the products in the interior, the color of the printing graphics are reasonable and eye-catching, the printing effects are fine and clear, these all determine if the commodity packaging can bring a strong visual impact to consumers, arouse consumers’ interest in buying. At the same time, printing effect to some extent reflects the quality and level of the products it contains. The exquisite printing effect can increase the products’ additional value and enhance the consumers’ desire and confidence of purchasing. Secondly, is the consistence of printing effect. The printing effect of same kind of packaging printing for difference batches should be same. On the contrary, it will cause that the consumers suspect the quality of products, even the brand.

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The point of controlling printing quality.Firstly, the beautiful printing, including the color of graphic, detail level, definition and etc. The controlling of the aesthetics for printing effect runs through pre-press, printing and post-press and etc. For the pre-press, we have to design reasonably the graphic, adjust and correct the level, color and definition as the actual request to choose the right number of screens, imposition methods, printing sequence in order to provide the strong protection for obtaining the exquisite printing effect. For the printing, it influences the printing effect directly by adjusting printing pressure and ink volume and so on. And the post-press as the last process, it includes die-cutting, lamination and glazing are essential for packaging printing.These molding and finishing can not only impart practical functions, but also improve the aesthetics and level of the packaging printing. Secondly, the consistency of printing effect controlling for the same packaging. Batch printing of packaging printing matters are generally large and often required to separate to print. It’ s hard to make it same completely, especially for the printing. So we must strictly control.


 To sum up, the controlling of the printing quality of packaging printing should focus on aesthetics and consistency of printing effect. Starting from pre-press, printing, post-press. The raw material, production process and processing parameter should be well prepared. It can not only guarantee the printing quality, but also increase the production efficiency, reduce the reject rate and cost and save resources.


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