Basic Knowledge Of The Three Elements Of Printing Platemaking

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  • June 19, 2018

Do you know what’s the three elements of printing platemaking? These basic knowledge are essential in printing.




Dots. Dots are the smallest unit of a printed pattern. There are too much dots on any printing of gift box or whatever.Due to the difference in plate making methods, gravure nets also have different dots reflected on the gravure roller. With the change of netting, the size and depth of net dots also follow changes.It only changes in the size of the outlets. Laser network outlets in different network changes are generally reflected in the network depth.



 printing dots

Color. The color of the object comes from light. Most of the objects in nature are not luminous, such as prints, flowers and trees, which color is derived from the reflection or transmission of the color light of the solar spectrum. The three primary colors of light in nature are red, green and blue. These three different shades of light can be combined to form numerous shades of light. The three primary colors of pigments are cyan, magenta and yellow. Theoretically, the three-color pigments can be mixed in different proportions and get all the colors in nature.


Hard and soft scraping. The different ways of installing scrapers in gravure printing are not as effective as those in printing. Hard scraping refers to the fact that the scraper blade is short from the support blade, and the effect is large. The easy to wear and tear version of the roller will play a role in solving the problem that the layout is not clean. Soft scraping means that the scraper is at a longer distance from the supporting blade. The effect is that the hue is gentle, and it is easy to produce fog. It will be helpful for the transfer of the shallow web part on the plate.


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