Purple Cardboard Wine Box With Rose

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  • January 08, 2018

In human civilizations, gifts have always been the ties of people's emotional and which in mutual daily contacts, has a place notto be ignored. This is especially true in China, famous for its etiquette original from ancient period. In China, gifting has become a social culture. Every year during festivals and holidays, couples, relatives, friends and colleagues give gifts to each other in order to exchange and communicate feelings. Love gift as a subclass of gifts, although it is a modern vocabulary, but its production, in fact, is accompanied by the emergence of this gift culture appeared. Couples gifts, but also because it will be a variety of elements of love into the gift ideas, making people in the gift selection and gift giving the whole process even more romantic, more sweet, more meaningful.

Gift wrapping is a manifestation and material carrier of social culture, which is characterized by its strong tradition and gift-giving culture. In terms of its function, the gift wrap plays the role of protecting the gift, sending the gift information and strengthening the communication of the human emotion. With the enrichment of the material life of today's society, everyone's consumption concept and awareness of health change and strengthen, there are different requirements for the packaging of gifts, gift packaging personalized performance is more and more obvious, and the couple gift packaging is one of the typical representatives.

After 2018 New Year passed, there will come the annual Valentines Day on Feb.14th. Do you have any idea about the gifts, gift packaging? Recently we HS Packaging company has just got an order specialize in custom wine gift box manufacturing for Valentines' Day wholesale. Along with the exquisite cardboard wine box, there is 1pcs romantic rose inside for decoration.

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