Different Styles Of Cardboard Jewelry Boxes For Watch,Necklace,Bracelet,Ring,etc.

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  • June 08, 2017

Different Styles Of Cardboard Jewelry Boxes For Watch,Necklace,Bracelet,Ring, etc.

Cardboard jewelry boxes can be used for various jewelry products packaging like watch, necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, key chain/ pen/ wallet gifts etc.. The material is normally C2S art paper/textured special paper/black card + 1000gsm gray board/ plastic case. Inside holder can be foam/velvet/pillow/card/fabric. To make luxury cardboard jewelry boxes, matte lamination for jewelry boxes is necessary.

1. Watch gift box- Standard size can be 110L x 110W x 80Hmm

watch box (5)watch gift boxwatch jewelry box

2. Necklace gift box - Standard size can be 260L x 70W x 30Hmm

necklace gift boxesgift box for necklacenecklace boxes

3. Bracelet gift box - Standard size can be 95L x 95W x 55Hmm

bracelet jewelry box (6).JPGcardboard jewelry boxes (3)gift box for bracelet

4. Ring gift box - Standard size can be 69L x 69W x 88H mm

ring gift boxgift box for ringring jewelry box

5. Earring gift box - Standard size can be 70L x 70W x 42H mm

earring gift box (1)jewelry box for earringearring jewelry box (11)

6. Wallet gift box - Standard size can be 216L x 145W x 57H mm

wallet gift box (22)wallet box wholesalecardboard wallet box

Various kinds jewelry gift boxes for different usage. The standard sizes are for reference and custom size & logo design are accepted. Like the World Pack Jewelry Boxes, logo design can be single black & white printed only or you can do CMYK full color printed as you like.

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