How Can The Creative Design Of Packaging Box Product Stimulate The Psychology Of Consumer

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 04, 2018

Human psychological activities are pretty subtle and  it’s hard to hold accurately in the human social life or in the process of the market consumption.However, a seemingly simple box design, which has penetrated the basis of consumption psychology theory for the thinking structure and creative ideas.On the current consumer market era, including the creative design of packaging box, the designer should analyse the target consumers’ psychological activities and their potential needs, thereby enhancing the effect of creativity and innovation to stimulate the consumption desire and purchasing decision of consumers.


HS Gift Box Packaging generally made a summarization of the common consumer psychology as following for your reference.


Attract attention and induce interest.

Well-designed packaging box often directly gives the public of the visual impact. It’s easy to attract their attention and and induce interest to the benefit of inspiring purchasing desire and motivation.Packaging is the shadow of commodity, in the circumstances of their lack  of reference information or the quality and price almost same as price.The unique packaging can catch the consumers’ sight and enter the range of choice of consumer.And actually, colour is the first element of packaging.


Promote consumer to form the product image.

The packaging box is easier to generate the sense of trust and keep impression through the visible commodity graphics or the physical commodity with transparent window.Real visible product image has a strong infectious.However, for the packaging, it can’t live without the graphics.Consumer can obtain the product information in a short time by the packaging box. Therefor,increase the related information capacity for the target customer psychology needs with correct methods, which can enhance the commodity attraction.


Satisfy the social psychology needs of consumer. 

 The shape,material,graphics and text of the packaging box have a direct function for public commodity image formation.In social inertial cognition,exquisite and gorgeous packaging will make people think of the high-grade commodity, simple and generous packaging is easy to evoke economical feeling.Especially for the beauty box cosmetics.


In a word,commercial marketing is actually a love process that allows users to find you, understand you and fall in love with you.But it’s not easy to achieve.


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