How To Attract Customers In Packaging Design

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 04, 2018

Packaging design playing an important role in graphic design, definitely it has something special. It plays the biggest role on Catching the customers’ eyes and stimulating customers to fall in love the product in front of them, which is packed and pay for it in the end for the packaging design. Furthermore, it can promote the circulation of product and enhance the sale quantity. However, what kind of packaging design can meet the customers?


Grasp the attention and induce interest. A favorable packaging that can quickly and directly show the visual impact to customers and it’s easier to catch their attention to induce interest. Then they will have a strong desire of purchasing. When the quality is about equal to the price, in this case, unique packaging is absolutely more likely to attract customers . in addition, color is the first visual factor, and secondly is the graph. As we all know, “custom” such as personalized jewelry gift boxes is a popular trend in modern society.

Promote cognition and form image. Packaging is more easy to generate s sense of trust and keep the expression compared with the advertisement by some visible pattern or some visible real object which packed with the transparent box. For me, I  like large necklace box with window very much. I like to keep it on the display shelf. Quite a few business men like packing their commodities with transparent window box. Packaging design can’t live without figure. And figure is the most part of containing information not character.

Nowadays, Packaging is playing an very important role for the enterprise brand. For the customer,There are two methods on how to recognize product, advertisement and packaging.