New round price rise of paper material: big pressure on packaging & printing industry suppliers

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  • Alice Chan at
  • June 08, 2017

New round price rise of paper material: big pressure on packaging & printing industry suppliers            

Do you still remember emergent notices of the risen price on Nov.12 of 2016 from many large and medium-sized carton factories? During the period of November of last year, many Chinese carton factories began to reject new orders or restrict orders and such situation has been ongoing till the Chinese New Year of 2017. Now luckily the price fluctuation of cartons have passed away, but the price keep still high without any trend of recovering.

As Chinese gears up for Chinese New Year during Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd, 2017, the robust demand and the usual insufficient factory production capacity lead to additional price hikes of products.Now a new round price rise on February of 2017 after Chinese New Year definitely will cause a chain reaction of the entire packaging & printing industry.

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Official announcements from many paper factories in Shangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan regarding the rise of paper price and valid date.

From the announcements, buyers could see a variety of paper material increases by 300~350RMB per ton. The price rising of most commonly used paper material like coated paper, duplex board, offset paper will inevitably effect the costs of paper-based packaging products and services, thus directly influenced B2B buyers and manufactures business value.

Guangzhou Huai Sheng Packaging Co., Ltd aims to the most high-effective paper gift boxes manufacturing. How should we counteract the price rises on paper and packaging material? We company had planed ahead and stocked many commonly used paper material before the Chinese New  Year. But definitely this is not enough and we can only make sure to keep same price for old contracts so helping old clients to endure.Now facing the added challenge of the rise in packaging price, buyers should act immediately to minimize risks of incurring more cost and time for future orders. A smart move now is to order early to guard against increased costs later on. So pls plan ahead and take action now!