Post-Printing Process

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 12, 2018

Lamination: The lamination process can be divided into  matte lamination and glossy lamination. The former is not as bright as the latter, but the grade is more prominent. The lamination can enhance moisture resistance, sun protection, abrasion resistance, anti-fouling, water resistance, and resistance of prints. Heat and other properties.You can see the lamination on our custom perfume boxes and the large flower boxes and etc..


U V: UV printing is a printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure inks. UV can increase product brightness and artistic effect, protect the surface of the product, its high hardness, corrosion resistance, friction, scratches and etc. Some laminated products are now changed to UV, can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, some can only be solved by partial UV or sanding.


Hot stamping in gold or silver: The use of hot pad printing method of metal foil (gold, silver foil) stamping on the surface of the print, making the surface of ah product metal texture and effect.


Hit convex: It’s called embossing as well, using pressure to press graphics or text on the surface of the print, in order to achieve a special touch and visual effects.


Flocking: Brush a layer of glue on the surface of the print, and then affix some fluffy material to make the surface of the print have flannel effect.


Embossing: The embossing is a process that uses a concave-convex mold to produce plastic deformation under the influence of a certain pressure, thereby performing art processing on the printed surface. The surface of the embossed prints shows different patterns and textures, which have a distinct three-dimensional relief and enhance the artistic appeal of prints.


Polishing: There are three forms of coating, namely coating, calendering and UV polishing, which can enhance moisture resistance, sun protection, abrasion resistance, anti-fouling, and water resistance of prints.


This is one of a parts of the post-printing process only, there are still have molding process. 


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