The Application Trend Of Combination Printing Plate

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 25, 2018


Offset printing becomes mainstream. Label printing generally adopts combination printing of gravure bottoming and flexo printing, but with the wide application of intermittent offset printing technology in the label field, especially for the offset ink prefabrication and ink fountain remote control technologies are mature, mainly offset printing, and Combining flexo and other printing methods has also become one of the current choices. Gauss (China) Co., Ltd. introduced the Divo-Stream variable-speed combination printing solution, using servo technology, sleeve technology, not only can print film, but also has a better application in the carton pre-printed, folding cartons, etc. The customer's personalized equipment needs to be integrated to provide a customized, automated high-performance printing solution.



The application of digital printing. When the printing of tickets began printing prizes in 2001, the digital printing was installed in the ticket printing machine, printing variable prize information and invoice numbers, and then implementing the electronic monitoring code to print 1D barcodes on the paper boxes and labels. So that tracking management can be implemented. Therefore, the combination of digital printing and traditional printing can easily combine print and the Internet.



As the technology becomes more mature, combined printing can be modularized according to the needs of the printed products to achieve the optimal printing process, reduce printing costs for printing plants and improve printing efficiency. At present, this application is expanding from the label printing industry to the packaging industry. -HS Gift Box Packaging- Large Round cardboard boxes


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