The Development Of Packaging Box Making

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 11, 2018

With the steady and rapid development of the national economy, China’s requirements for energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, and green safety in the packaging printing industry are increasing. The development of high-tech, low-carbon, environmental friendly green printing is an inevitable choice for the printing industry. It is also an urgent need for the printing industry to transform from traditional industries to high-tech industries. Promoting the transformation and development of the traditional printing industry with serious pollution and energy consumption in the past to green, environmental protection, and low-carbon development, developing a low-carbon economy, strengthening environmental protection measures, and developing green printing have become the road must be followed for the sustainable development of the packaging printing industry in China.

Packaging box printing is the way for China to move from a big printing country to a strong printing country, especially for the gift box packaging, including jewelry box, cosmetic box, flower box, perfume box, wine box and etc. For a long time, the contradiction between the low level of intensive production, the low level of repeated construction, the unbalanced regional development, the inability of independent technological innovation, and the overall low quality of employees in China's packaging printing industry has not been fundamentally resolved. To implement green printing, we must make full use of the “green” approach to guide large- and medium-sized environmental protection printing companies that meet certain conditions to achieve the goal of passing technological upgrading and becoming a strong company. and for those printing companies that are heavily polluting, through continuous Extending the varieties of green printing will eliminate them and eventually achieve the purpose of adjusting the structure of the printing industry, and accelerate the pace of China's transformation from a printing power to a printing powerhouse.


Implementing the green printing of packaging boxes is an important guarantee for China's printing industry to achieve sustainable development and create a low-carbon economy. In recent years, green printing has increasingly become a new type of printing method commonly used in developed countries, and environmental friendly and healthy has become a common consensus in the printing industry in all countries. However, a reality that cannot be overlooked is that although China has gradually eliminated lead discharge and lead printing processes and is completely away from serious lead pollution, there are still a large number of printing companies still using traditional printing processes, organic solvents and other materials in the printing process. The pollution caused by the waste gases, waste liquids, and waste water produced in the company cannot be overlooked. The implementation of green printing can greatly help our country's printing industry achieve the goal of energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy, improve and enhance the environmental protection level of packaging printing in China, and fully embody the concept of sustainable development.


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