We Should Pay Attention To The Health Of Printing Workers

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 20, 2018

According to the environment of the printer and the characteristics of the work, we should follow the below to minimize the harm to the body of the ink:

Firstly, Develop good habits of working and hygiene. Abide by the safety operation regulations Strictly , keep a good job in hygiene protection, put on working uniform, put on rubber gloves and protective masks before starting work. When using gasoline, do not let the head be above the volatilization of gasoline, and after the work is completed, Wash your face with soap immediately.


Secondly,pay attention to the reasonable dietary supplements, and add more quality protein rich in amino acids. Fat intake should be appropriately limited to avoid high-fat diets that increase the gastrointestinal burden. At the same time, eating more fruits and vegetables, especially fungus that can help clear the lungs. It can also supplement vitamin C and increase body resistance.

 Thirdly, keep the indoor ventilation. Ventilation and exhaust protection equipment shall be installed to fully ventilate and ventilate the room. Install a multi-functional air conditioner to keep the room temperature and the temperature can not be too high.Thereby, reduce the printing ink volatility. At the same time, some plants and activated charcoal can also be placed in the room, standing upwind at work as much as possible.

Take part in outdoor sports and exercise. Outside of work, they should actively participate in outdoor aerobic exercise, carry out extensive and varied sports activities, enhance physical fitness, and improve physical immunity so as to maintain a good metabolism.

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