What Are The Categories Of Green Packaging Materials?

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  • May 25, 2018

First, recyclable and useful packaging materials; the packaging products and materials, which can be recycled , are the most economical and effective way to protect the environment, including paper materials, glass ceramic materials, metal materials, plastic materials, crop straw packaging materials and products, wood-plastic composite packaging materials and products, and green packaging of wood.

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Second, degradable packaging material refers to a plastic material whose chemical structure changes in a specific time and in a specific environment causing performance loss. Light weight, easy processing, good packaging performance, easy surface decoration, no environmental pollution, and can be recycled, reflecting the advantages and value of this material. However, due to the complexity of the manufacturing equipment for the degradable materials, the large one-time economic investment, and the degradable nature of most of the degradable materials, the development and application of this material are greatly constrained, including photodegradable plastics, and biodegradation. Plastic, composite degradable plastic.


Edible packaging materials that are harmless to humans and can be eaten by humans. The human body can naturally absorb, of course, can also be weathered and eroded in the natural environment. The raw materials used are natural organic small molecules and macromolecules such as amino acids, gels, proteins, plant fibers, etc. They are non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, light and hygienic. Edible packaging materials can effectively solve the pollution problem. It’s application and development prospects are excellent. China's unique plant - The alternative packaging made of konjac with edible, better strength, toughness and packaging.

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