What Are The Factors For Successful Packaging Design?

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 24, 2018

Packaging design is an important part of modern commodity marketing. Its particularity and importance are self-evident. They all hope to have a successful packaging design on the products. Therefor, What are the conditions for successful packaging design?


Packaging design should achieve the unity of the situation and function, and achieve the common appreciation and energy saving and environmental protection, and realize its era and even epoch-making significance. Packaging design is a solution to the two major problems of human subjective packaging and the objective role of packaging, which is embodied in the functional design of packaging. The first thing that should be satisfied in the packaging design is that easy-to-use principle, obeying the person's original natural dimension, which is also the most basic requirement for any product's packaging design at any time.


If the industrial packaging design focuses on protection, then commercial packaging design is to promote sales as the main purpose, commodity economy plays a special role in the packaging. The packaging design must pass the test of market competition. The final success of the design lies in whether it can achieve the purpose of beautifying the products and achieving sales promotion in the end.


To grasp the consumer psychology, it is difficult to quantify the evaluation, the first is the practical aspect, that is, packaging can meet the various needs of consumers,and provide convenience for consumers. Consumers can choose according to their own habits, when the product packaging provides convenience, it will naturally raise consumers interest. For example, a personalized ring box, it has the unique design to catch the attention of people. Second, goodwill comes directly from the feeling of the appearance of the packaging, which is a comprehensive psychological effect, and has a close relationship with the individual and the environment in which the individual lives.


In order to realize the psychology of packaging and decoration design for consumers, successful packaging is not only induce consumers' attention and interest in products through the use of modeling, color, patterns, and materials, but also help consumers to understand products through packaging,such as a beautiful and luxury box for perfume with special design, its more easy to catch the people’s eyes.



In short, packaging design should be functional, marketable, cultural, environmental protection, and indispensable. It should pay attention to its functional first, showing the combination of technology and art, embodying the aesthetic interests and cultural connotations of different consumer groups, under the premise of restraint. And ultimately achieve the unity of natural value and spiritual value. This is an excellent package design needs to have.

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