What Are The Characteristics Of The Printing Colour Box

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 16, 2018

In modern life,there are various packaging printing box manufacturers.Although there are many similarities between the packaging printing box and general printing.However, since the packaging box is mainly applied to the packaging of product,there are various appearance of the packaging box,such as the box for cosmetics, it can be made with different designs. Therefor,the color printing box becomes more and more diversified and complicated.Here we listed some characteristics of the printing colour box as following:


Diversification of printing materials: In addition to commonly used paper and cardboard, printing is also performed on plastics,metals,glass and ceramics,and various conforming materials.In addition,flat,curved, and irregular surfaces are printed depending on the shape of the package.


Variety of printing methods: In addition to being able to use conventional offset printing,gravure printing, flexographic printing and screen printing,the printing color box will also adopt some special printing technologies in order to increase some special decorations and functional effects,such as three-dimensional printing, laser Holographic printing,liquid crystal printing,and combination printing and etc.


Variety of pre-press and post-press processing: Since the types of printing material is diversified in color box printing,the processing techniques before and after printing also show various characteristics.Moreover, according to different materials, a variety of different processing techniques such as coating,laminating, bronzing,and die-cutting are also used.For example, when printing for plastic packaging,in order to eliminate static electricity on the surface and allow ink to adhere better On the plastic surface,corona treatment is required before the color box is printed.If it is metal material, white ink must be printed before printing After printing, varnish should be added and stamping process tanks must be processed.


The above of three points are the main features for box printing.

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