To realized your idea, custom your own cosmetic boxes

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  • April 18, 2019

Most of the people want their packaging boxes is not same as the others, they want special boxes, so, our company customized all kind of the boxes, the beautiful cosmetic boxes is one of our main products.

candle box (4)candle box

1. For printing

Some customer would like to print the logo on the boxes, when we received their order, we will use of the AI file, make the logo print in the boxes, all kind of the color we can print

2. For hot stamping in gold/silver/other foil

To make the box with nice look, some customer would like to do hot gold foil or other color foil on the boxes which looks more beautiful and luxury. Normally I will suggestion our customer to do it, the price is higher than the print, but it is more beautiful than the print.

3. For insert tray

We do the cosmetic boxes, to make sure good protect for cosmetic, so need to make a insert tray. 

For the insert, we have a kind of choose, such as:

A. The EVA with the flocking

B. Foam with the flocking

C. High foam with the flocking

D. Normal paper tray


so, you have variety of options, about the insert, we will dig a hole, you can put the bottle in the hole, so, that, it can prevent the cosmetic bottle remove when packed.


What is your idea? Please contact us now to custom your own packaging now!

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